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London Full Cabinet Co-Location

Level(3)™ London Gateway:
6 Braham Street
London, England E1 8EE

Level(3)™ London 2 Gateway:
260-266 Goswell Road
London, England EC1V 7EB

Available Service Locations   CITY   STATE    ZIP    NPA    NXX
Level(3)™ Communications, Inc.
6 Braham Street   London   England   E1 8EE   -   -
260-266 Goswell Road   London   England   EC1V 7EB   -   -
IX Europe
101 Finsbury Pavement   London   England   EC2 1RS   -   -
Global Switch
East India Dock House
240 East India Dock Road
  London   England   E14 9YY   -   -
Telecity 1
Bonnington House
47 Millharbour
Glengall Bridge, 1st Flr
  London   England   E14 9TR   -   -
London Hosting/City Reach
6 Greenwich View Place,
  London   England   E14 9NN   -   -
Telehouse Metro
65 Clifton Street   London   England   EC2 4JE   -   -
Redbus Interhouse
6-7 Harbour Exchange Square,
8th Flr
  London   England   E14 9GE   -   -
2 8-9 Harbour Exchange,
Lime Harbour, 1st Flr
  London   England   E14 9GE   -   -
North Coriander Avenue   London   England   E14 2AA   -   -
The Old Truman Brewery
"B" Block, 91 Brick Lane
  London   England   E1 6QL   -   -
red bullet   Call us at 888-514-1109 for pricing or Click here to request a customized quotation
Additional Info
red bullet   Installation takes 20-25 business days to complete.
red bullet   Level(3)™
Connection Type
red bullet   Direct Connection to Level(3)™ Equipment via Fast Ethernet or Fiber burstable to: 10, 100, or 1000 mbps.
Level 3TM Overview
red bullet   Modern data centre facility situated in the east of London, close to
    the City of London
red bullet   Operational since 1999
red bullet   Technical space arranged over five floors
red bullet   Total size (technical space): 8,046 m2
red bullet   Available fully fitted space: 2,952 m2
red bullet   Maximum site power: 4 MVA
red bullet   Carrier connectivity: Level 3TM, Colt, BT, C&W, WorldCom, Neos,
    Viatel, Fibrenet, 51 Degrees
Technical Summary
Mains Power
red bullet   Dual redundant 4MVA, 11kV dedicated underground cable feeds to
    dedicated dual redundant 4MVA transformer substation.
red bullet   Two x 2.2MVA diesel-driven emergency power generators giving 4.4
red bullet   Automatic start in less than one minute to feed 100% of the facility
red bullet   Generators tested monthly
red bullet   Fuel storage (Diesel) for 24-hour continuous operation at 100% load
red bullet   24 x 7 agreement with local fuel supplier
red bullet   4 x 625kVA Hybrid Rotary UPS modules providing 1875kVA total out-
    put with N+1 redundancy
red bullet   15-minute battery autonomy per UPS module
red bullet   Dual redundant A & B distribution strategy
red bullet   Underfloor power track distribution system
red bullet   8000 amp -48VDC power system
red bullet   Four hours of battery autohomy
red bullet   Single bus system with dual redundant A & B distribution
red bullet   Underfloor power track distribution system
red bullet   750W/m2 average cooling capability over the gross space
red bullet   Temperature regulated overall to 21°C ± 2°C
red bullet   Humidity regulated overall to 50%RH ± 10%
red bullet   Technical areas positively pressurized to minimize dust ingress
red bullet   Minimum floor-to-ceiling height: 3,100mm from top of raised floor
red bullet   800mm raised floor height
red bullet   Raised Floor Loading: 14kN/m2
red bullet   Structural Floor Slab: > 5kN/m2
Fire Strategy
red bullet   Use of non-inflammable and low-smoke zero halogen materials where
red bullet   No storage (especially of flammable materials) within technical space
red bullet   Building split into sealed, independent, fire compartments
red bullet   Very Intelligent Early Warning (V.I.E.W.) detection
red bullet   Smoke extract system activated by fire alarm
red bullet   Double-interlocked pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system
red bullet   Remote 24 x 7 security monitoring
red bullet   Full electronic access control system, based on proximity cards with
    photo and PIN keypads
red bullet   Biometric Palm-scanners for Colocation areas
red bullet   Locks on colocation suites and cabinets
red bullet   Intruder detection system on escape and riser doors
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
red bullet   CCTV monitoring and recording of all access points and circulation
Building Monitoring System (BMS)
red bullet   Location Operations and Control Centre
red bullet   Network monitoring system with critical alarm repeating to Regional
    Management Centre
red bullet   24 x 7 local monitoring and logging of temperature and humidity
    conditions and alarms
red bullet   Full perimeter under-floor leak detection linked to building monitoring
Telecom Infrastructure
red bullet   Facility is designed to accommodate standard rack/cabinets of
    2,200mm nominal height
red bullet   Power is normally distributed under floor, fibre and copper cabling
    distributed overhead (fibre within a managed containment system,
    copper within a heavy-duty ladder rack system)
red bullet   Fibre entry to the building is via two independent points
General Facilities
red bullet   Dedicated loading area - delivery hours 08.00-18.00 (Mon to Fri)
red bullet   Customer test room and storage area
red bullet   Goods lift

About Co-Location.com

Co-Location.com Inc. is a major player in the expanding market for co-location services, with over 120 facilities in 66 markets worldwide and over 7 million square feet of space.

Co-Location.com Inc. uses the Level(3)™ global network for it's primary IP backbone. Level(3)™ has built a global communications network unlike any other. It is the most advanced communications platform in the world. It is the first network to be completely optimized for advanced IP (Internet Protocol) technology, and the first to be fully and continuously upgradeable - enabling Level (3)™ to continue to deploy new, superior technology as it is developed.

The network was designed to evolve as technology evolves, taking advantage of the fact that a new generation of fiber becomes available every 18-24 months. Additionally, optoelectronics - the equipment that controls the flow of information through a network much as valves control the flow of water through a pipe - are improving even faster. Doubling in price performance every 9-10 months, optoelectronics is the fastest improving technology in industrial history.

In 30 months, Level(3)™ built a 20,000-mile multi-conduit intercity network and 33 multi-conduit metropolitan networks in North America and Europe. Additionally, the company constructed a transatlantic cable system connecting North America and Europe, and has secured 5.6 million square feet of technical space in 74 data centers serving 57 North American markets and 12 European markets.

Contact Co-Location.com Inc.

Co-Location.com Inc. Headquarters
2857 W. 7th Street, Suite 2
Los Angeles, CA 90005
United States
Toll Free: 888-514-1109
Phone: 213-471-9144
Fax: 213-471-9147

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