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Los Angeles Full Cabinet Co-Location

Level(3)™ Los Angeles Gateway:
818 West 7th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017
(3rd, 10th and 11th Floors)
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LA Exterior Coresite

Coresite Los Angeles 2 Gateway:
624 South Grand Avenue
Suite 110
Los Angeles, CA 90017
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Take virtual tours of the following:
28th Floor Data Center
Colocation and Cabinet Space
7th Floor Data Center

LA Exterior Coresite

Coresite Los Angeles 3 Gateway:
900 North Alameda
Los Angeles, CA 90012
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Available Service Locations   CITY   STATE    ZIP    NPA    NXX
Level(3)™ Communications, Inc.
818 West 7th Street Map this location   Los Angeles   CA   90017   213   236
624 South Grand Avenue, Suite 110 Map this location   Los Angeles   CA   90017   213   327
900 North Alameda Map this location   Los Angeles   CA   90012   213   327
Switch and Data
1200 West 7th Street
Lower Level 1
Suite 120
  Los Angeles   CA   90017   213   228
600 West 7th Street
6th Floor
  Los Angeles   CA   90017  
red bullet   Call us at 888-514-1109 for pricing or Click here to request a customized quotation
Additional Info
red bullet   Installation takes 20-25 business days to complete.
red bullet   Level(3)™
Connection Type
red bullet   Direct Connection to Level(3)™ Equipment via Fast Ethernet or Fiber
  burstable to: 10, 100, or 1000 mbps.
Level 3TM Overview
The Los Angeles Gateway provides premium space built with connectivity to Level(3)’s premier network and the networks of numerous carriers.
red bullet   67,188 sq. ft. total space
red bullet   46,108 sq. ft. raised floor space
red bullet   Ceiling height clearance:
    3rd Floor — 10' 6" / 10th Floor — 8' 6"
red bullet   Cabinets and Suites available
red bullet   Raised floors with structural capacity of 300 lbs./sq. ft.
red bullet   Three-tiered overhead ladder racking
red bullet   Zone 4 Seismic Code Construction
red bullet   N+1 electrical design and distribution, including redundant UPS and
    battery backup
red bullet   Automatic Transfer Switches ensure smooth transition to
    backup power
red bullet   24-hour back-up generator — enough capacity on the 10th floor
    alone to power more than 2,915 homes
red bullet   99.999% power availability - at least 125 watts/sq. ft. of primary
    breaker power (with the ability to upgrade)
Environmental Controls
red bullet   Temperature of 72 degrees +/- 6 degrees
red bullet   Humidity at 50% +/- 10%
red bullet   Dry-piped, double-interlocked, pre-action fire protection system
red bullet   Technical support available 24 x 7
Facility Security
Because the Gateway supports both the Level(3)™ Network and our customer’s colocation needs, Level(3)™ manages a stringent multi-layered security control procedure.
red bullet   24 x 7 security monitoring
red bullet   Biometric Palm Scan and Photo ID access cards required to enter
    colocation area
red bullet   24 x 7 Closed-Circuit Video Monitoring and Logging with backup
    tape storage
Facility Networking Features
The Los Angeles Gateway provides easy access to Level(3)’s premier broadband network.
red bullet   True diverse fiber entrances
red bullet   CLLI code of LSANCA54
red bullet   NPA-NXX of 213-236
Services Available
red bullet   Internet Access Service
red bullet   Frame Relay/ATM Services
red bullet   Hosted Voice Services
red bullet   Metro and Intercity Private Line Services
red bullet   Metro and (3)FlexSM Ethernet Services
red bullet   Metro and Intercity Wavelength Services
red bullet   Metro and Intercity Dark Fiber Services
Alternate Carriers in the Facility
red bullet   Time Warner Local
red bullet   AT&T Local
red bullet   ICG Communications Local
red bullet   WorldCom Local
red bullet   SBC
red bullet   Internap
red bullet   Covad
red bullet   Looking Glass
red bullet   Volo Communications
Coresite Overview (One Wilshire as PDF) (Valley Exchange as PDF)
Global, National and Metro Connectivity
red bullet   More Than 300 Networks, Service Providers, and Enterprises
red bullet   Carrier-Neutral Environment
red bullet   Central Business District Location
Premier Los Angeles and Bay Area Colocation Space
red bullet   Cage Space Up To 15,000 Square Feet
red bullet   Single Cabinets
red bullet   The World's Most Connected Room - Our 4th Floor Meet-Me Room
red bullet   SAS 70 Certified
red bullet   24x7 Site Secure Access
red bullet   24x7 Security Staffing
red bullet   CCTV Surveilance
red bullet   Optical Turnstiles
Superior Colocation Infrastructure
red bullet   Up to 200 Breakered Watts/Square Foot
red bullet   Redundant AC/DC UPS Power
red bullet   24" Raised Floor
red bullet   15-Foot Ceiling-Height
Managed Services
red bullet   24x7 Remote Hands
red bullet   Certified Technicians
red bullet   Turn-Key Equipment Installation
red bullet   Operations Outsourcing
Rooftop Access
red bullet   Multiple Antenna Towers
red bullet   Wireless Meet-Me Room
red bullet   Line-Of-Site To The South, East And West
Los Angeles Peering Opportunities
red bullet   X-Connections To Any Tenant
red bullet   Any2 Internet Exchange
red bullet   Virtualized X-Connections To Any Market Post Tower Tenant

About Co-Location.com

Co-Location.com Inc. is a major player in the expanding market for co-location services, with over 120 facilities in 66 markets worldwide and over 7 million square feet of space.

Co-Location.com Inc. uses the Level(3)™ global network for it's primary IP backbone. Level(3)™ has built a global communications network unlike any other. It is the most advanced communications platform in the world. It is the first network to be completely optimized for advanced IP (Internet Protocol) technology, and the first to be fully and continuously upgradeable - enabling Level (3)™ to continue to deploy new, superior technology as it is developed.

The network was designed to evolve as technology evolves, taking advantage of the fact that a new generation of fiber becomes available every 18-24 months. Additionally, optoelectronics - the equipment that controls the flow of information through a network much as valves control the flow of water through a pipe - are improving even faster. Doubling in price performance every 9-10 months, optoelectronics is the fastest improving technology in industrial history.

In 30 months, Level(3)™ built a 20,000-mile multi-conduit intercity network and 33 multi-conduit metropolitan networks in North America and Europe. Additionally, the company constructed a transatlantic cable system connecting North America and Europe, and has secured 5.6 million square feet of technical space in 74 data centers serving 57 North American markets and 12 European markets.

Contact Co-Location.com Inc.

Co-Location.com Inc. Headquarters
2857 W. 7th Street, Suite 2
Los Angeles, CA 90005
United States
Toll Free: 888-514-1109
Phone: 213-471-9144
Fax: 213-471-9147

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