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Disk space:

Disk space is the amount of space that you will be allowed for your account, and is measured in MB (megabytes) or GB (gigabytes)


This refers to the total amount of data transferred to and from your site each month, including web, FTP, email, and all other traffic.

Example: Every time one of your web pages is viewed by someone on the internet, the size of that page goes towards your bandwidth usage. Below is an example of how many times a page would have to be viewed to reach 20GB of transfer

Page size 30kb = 349,525 views
Page size 40kb = 262,144 views
Page size 50kb = 209,715 views
Page size 60kb = 174,762 views

Monthly price:

This refers the amount that you will pay per month.

What is a "U"? (Unit of measurement for Co-Location):
1U = 1.75" of Vertical Rack Space 2U = 3.5" of Vertical Rack Space 3U = 5.25" of Vertical Rack Space 4U = 7.00" of Vertical Rack Space

MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher):

A tool used to monitor the traffic load on network-links. MRTG generates HTML pages containing GIF images which provide a LIVE visual representation of this traffic.  See an example here!

95th Percentile Explained:

Samples of your actual bandwidth usage are taken every five minutes from your VLAN port on the switch, utilizing Cybergauge Bandwidth Reporting. The program then averages the totals and posts the result as a five-minute usage point on your report. Over the month, we will continue to plot the five-minute averages, which total about 8,640 points plotted on the graph.

We then take the top five percent of your usage (432 points, or 36 hours) and throw it out!

Your usage is determined based upon the highest remaining usage plotted. This method of billing provides you with a number of advantages. Any usage bursts that are untypical of your bandwidth requirements are not charged to you, and this equates to receiving approximately your highest 36 hours of bandwidth usage free each month.

We then give you access via the web to view your Daily, Weekly, Monthly and MRTG graph reports at any time.  If your package(s) include a specific amount of bandwidth, any overage(s) will be billed at your contracted rate at end of the calendar month.

Co-Location.com's dedicated-based bandwidth is a burstable access, which uses the "sustained usage" formula to determine the monthly access rate. At the end of each month of service, based on readings taken every 5 minutes, which are placed in ascending order, the 95th percentile is determined as the "sustained usage rate".

Set-up fee:

This refers to whether or not there are any fees to start a particular account.

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